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Tutorial how to mod crack unlock premium of Es file explorer For newbie and advance modders


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App Name: Es File Explorer

Tool we need for mod:

This is the hidden content, please

Hi guys so you all know from title what we gonna do let me explain its my first tutorial and am gonna try to teach you how u can mod es file explorer by yourself well everyone will why tutorial if u can post mod apk or we can download from different sites easily well let me tell u people download crack app from sites and they dont even know what inside that mod i mean they can add any virus shit inside that crack apk well i am never gonna blame the sites when u can learn and do by yourself why need to download from sites lets dont waste time and start our tutorial i will explain everything properly with screenshot also so a newbie can be understand if you like my work please dont forget to support community by a little donation

step 1: download es file explorer from orignal website place in seprate folder download MT Manager from link i provided if u already have no problem use that go to folder where u place es file explorer click on apk file in mt manager there will be 3 functions u can see click on VIEW as you can see in screenshot no 1


step2: its open apk files click on classes.dex file as u can see in screenshot no 2


step3: now its will open editor option click on dex editor plus as you can see in screenshot no 3


step4: now its will open a another box multi dex select all classes.dex files and click on ok as you can see in screenshot no 4


step5: now its will open all dex files as smali now we will go to search option and gonna search keyword 'vip' then click on ok button as u can see in scrrenshot no 5


step6: we will get almost 30 or more search well scroll down a little and select the key word 'novip' as you can see in screenshot no 6


step7: now we will go to notvip related file select the text i show in screenshot and option will appear click on goto as u can see in screenshot no 7


step8: now u will go to method notvip when u click on goto now we gonna add following code below to "move-result v0" and code we gonna add is you can copy code i post below then click on save icon as u can see in screenshot no 8

This is the hidden content, please


step9: after save we will click on back button and we will go back to search menu where we search last time on top u will see build button click on that and build dex as u can see in screenshot no 9


step10: now our work in done but remeber mt manager will ask u for autosign when u build dex and go back but if u dont get sign option please click on es file explorer apk again go to function menu there will be sign apk option click on that apk will signed now we can install our modified apk after install when u open apk u will see premium is unlocked but a annoying popup will appear like You are using unoficial version something like why its appear because we modify apk files but apk have license check as go can see pop-up in screenshot no 10


step11: lets bypass this pop-up also for that open mt manager again click on modify apk of es file explorer u did when u click on apk go to VIEW again click on resources.arsc file another menu will open click on arsc editor as u can see in screenshot no 11


step12: when u click on arsc editor there will be 4 options click on Search resources value as u can see in screenshot no 12


step13; now we search key word of pop-up we got when we open es file explorer keyword is 'You are using" as u can see in screenshot click on ok button also 


step14: now we will get 6 to 8 search long press on first result and click on copy id as u can see in screenshot no 15


step15: after copy the id go back no need to save anything click on es file explorer apk again and click on classes.dex file select all .dex files again and click on ok u can see screenshot no 4 also and follow step 4 also if u dont understand go to search menu again paste the id u can in text search field click on ok as u can see in screenshot no 15


step16: we will get 2 seach result click on second result as u can see in screenshot no 16


step17: when u click on const v2, 0x7f110135 scroll down a little bit find the code called  "invoke-virtual {v2}, Lcom/estrongs/android/ui/dialog/n1;->show()V" select it as u can see in screenshot no 17 and remove it see screenshot 18 and click on save icon again


step20: build classes.dex again and click on back icon its will ask u for sign apk as u can see in screenshot no 20


And finally we modify the es file explorer properly and license pop-up also bypasses i explain every step with screenshot i hope u understand if u still dont understand u can ask me question thank you i will post more tutorials for other famous app crack Good luck!

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