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At R.H Mods we don't like to restrict Players, but the reason we set these rules is to make R.H Mods more organized and enjoyable.

Anyone who registers with R.H Mods is deemed to have accepted these rules. You agree to abide by these rules and to waive the right to continue membership if we deem it necessary to terminate the said membership.


  • Everyone can only have one account. Those who open extra accounts will be warned and their accounts will be closed except their main account.
  • Rude, offensive, abusive, obscene usernames are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to make offensive, abusive, humiliating, threatening, religion, language, race and gender discrimination.
  • Advertising with your username will result in your username being changed and you will receive alert points.
  • Impersonation of the official, popular trademarks and other misleading usernames are prohibited.
  • Profile photos, cover photos and signatures that contain nudity and advertising are prohibited.


  • Signatures that violate R.H Mods' rules will be removed.
  • Large images, photos, videos and GIFs that cause R.H Mods to slow down, load late or freeze will be removed. We do not want our members to have problems navigating R.H Mods. So please avoid using overly large, multicolored text, flash graphics or otherwise obnoxious images. These are annoying and irritating. Also, don't use excessive Emoji or special characters in your signatures, they are very distracting.
  • If you have a website, you can add it to your signature after obtaining our permission. However, signatures similar to R.H Mods, containing sexuality or other immoral materials are not accepted. It can be removed from R.H Mods without warning.
  • Finally, don't increase the text size to make your signatures "stand out" on R.H Mods. Standard text size is absolutely fine. Let's continue to sign the text somewhat uniformly, as crazy variants only make R.H Mods look vague and disturbing
  • The recommended image size is 200px or less.


  • It is forbidden to differ between the title and the content of the opened topic.
  • Copying or creating the same topic - message is prohibited.
  • You can only share a topic once. Posting the same topic multiple times is spam and illegal.
  • If a topic is locked by an Authorized person, leave it. Do not create a new topic from the locked topic.
  • It is forbidden to deliberately make topics in the wrong sections. They can open the topics related to the sections for which you do not have permission to open a topic, to another section, and they can request to move the topic from the Authorities. Because this situation is not in the hands of the user. In other words, this situation does not deliberately enter into opening the subject in other sections.
  • When you post a long code, don't just use the code section, add the code to the spoiler section as well. This prevents it from going down forever while reading your topic.
  • Do not post silly and unnecessary comments on any topic to increase your post count. It may cause your message count to be reset or banned.
  • Please use descriptive titles such as "Help!", "Can you take a look?", "Is it okay?", "Please check" or "Error" are not accepted and will be removed.
  • Please stay away from controversial topics Do not open Political, Religious, Racial, Sexual topics or the like.
  • Asking users for reputation points is prohibited. If your request is noticed in topics or private messages, all your reputation points will be deleted and you will receive a short suspension.
  • Unnecessary (spam) messages sent to the topics are deleted and a warning point is given to that user. Comments like "adsghf", "eyw", "beautiful", "great" are considered spam.
  • If you feel the need to express your gratitude, use the reputation system, rating system, or thank you via private message.

Files Section

  • Please send the files you want to send to the relevant categories.
  • Please check if the file you will send is on R.H Mods. Let us know if an older version is available.
  • File titles can contain special characters or periods.
  • Try to provide sufficient and good amount of information about the version of the file.
  • DO NOT UPLOAD FILES that contain files or passwords that advertise other sites in the file.
  • While your file is pending approval, do not send us threads, messages, or report the file for faster approval.

General rules

Have a good time on R.H Mods, be friendly, be a friend and become a Player! We don't like it when things go wrong, but there's a report button. Do not argue with other users or be complicit in their crimes. Just report it The authorities will take care of it shortly.

If you have any problems feel free to post something, use our Support or private message one of the Officials. We usually reply within one day. It is your duty to read these rules regularly, for any minor changes to the rules, they can be changed upon notification from the Authorized team.

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